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"endpoint/client element" error



I have been using SynthExport for the last few months, and it has been working beautifully (thanks, Christoph). However, starting about four weeks ago, I have been getting an error message that claims the program

"could not find endpoint element with name 'PhotosynthServiceSoap' and contract 'PhotosynthService.PhotosynthServiceSoap' in the ServiceModel client configuration"

when I try to export a PhotoSynth by entering its URL. I have attached a picture of the error message. I am using the newest version of SynthExport (2.0.0) and my machine is running Windows 7. Is there anything I can do to get around this issue? Since it started up recently, could it be that PhotoSynth or Microsoft changed something? Or is it on my end (i.e. an internet connection or server issue)?


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christoph_hausner wrote Dec 6, 2014 at 9:52 PM

This looks to be a local issue with the application config not loading correctly. Have you tried a fresh download of SynthExport? If this does not help, it must be some other software installation or update that is causing this.